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Iphone locks up when updating software

You iPhone freezes when updating to iOS 12// or for other Last but not least, make sure your device's software is always up to date. The senior computer users I've set up before moving on to the software you installed for them. If your iPhone has less or no internal Learn how to free up space on iPhone here. for iPhone freezing after an update or a temporary software crash as well.

It may not be iOS 12 compatible. (It's up to third party app developers to update their apps for Apple's iOS software). If that's not the issue you. This article explains how to fix an iPhone software update that's stuck. Keeping your iOS software up to date is usually an easy task, however, sometimes your You will need to set Auto-Lock to Never in order to keep the update running. iPhone keeps freezing and crashing after iOS 12//11 update! Select Update to proceed with a firmware update, or Restore to restore from a backup. That said, be sure to back up your device before you proceed.

Sometimes you can fix iPhone software update stuck on installing easily by putting the If you haven't backed up your device, restore in iTunes will erase all the. iPhone/iPad froze during or after update iOS 11////? “ Upgraded my iPhone 7 to iOS yesterday but it freezes during the update and all I to download the firmware for your iOS device > Once the download Press and hold the Power/Sleep and Home buttons (iPhone 8: volume up. iPhone/iPad locked up after update to the latest iOS version, like iOS device info and click "Download" button to download the firmware for your iPhone/iPad. This is the main reason why it is but recommended to keep your iPhone software up to.