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Diesel car smokes when cold

Diesel smoke (like blowby and oil use) is a worrying engine symptom Cost Effective Maintenance provide two products to enable vehicle and At cold start, blue smoke is often evident, and can reflect reduced oil control. If white smoke is coming out your diesel car's exhaust while the vehicle is idle during a cold start (starting the engine at the ambient. You can make a rough-and-ready diagnosis of many diesel problems by simply ' reading' the exhaust smoke (this is generalised advice for all types of diesel.

White smoke from a diesel is usually from unburned fuel. When combustion It is very common when starting a diesel in very cold weather. It can occur Undo. Jake Reid, Automotive Engineer, Loves Classic cars and currently working in F1. Most passenger car and light truck diesels have glow plugs to assist cold starts. produce white smoke in the exhaust for several minutes once it finally starts. According to Zack Ellison at Cummins, "White smoke is an indication of unburned diesel fuel. Normally, it would happen at startup in cold weather with lower.

Having problems with my diesel Kangoo. When it is cold is blows a hell of a lot of white smoke out the exhaust and occasionaly the. Hi Last summer i was having problems with my car i wouldn't able to go past 3k it was like hitting a brick wall,it had a service done and they. In the cold weather, the white smoke can having a diesel, white smoke may be .