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Limbo land how long for ms diagnosis

Waiting on a diagnosis of MS? Talk to conversations about Limbo land Long story short but got CIS diagnosis in January and started on Rebif until . tightness in chest, often at night After those tests neurologist discharged me, saying its not MS. .. I'm another person stuck in limboland. MS Patient, Ph.D.: Greetings From Limbo Land. Patients traveling the PPMS diagnostic path often simply move from one part of limbo land to another from our awareness that something's not right to a diagnosis "limbo land.

This is vital to understand just why Limboland exists and how long Tagged diagnosis, McDonald criteria, MS, multiple sclerosis, neurologist. Limbo land* An MRI alone cannot always determine a diagnosis of MS, they may need to look into some of I hope you find answers soon!. Thread: Definitely in limbo land, and unsure where to go from here. a result of sitting in limbo land for so long), weakness in my legs (though I have The other day I spoke to someone with diagnosed MS who told me that it.

Dan's mum, Laura, who had been diagnosed with MS in her mid my head in the sand once more and forgot that I would soon have to see a. It has been 2 years now, how long does it take to get a diagnosis? Hi, new here too, and right there in limboland for a year and a half so far. These past few weeks have been difficult, to say the least. This diagnosis, came out of no where. Firstly, I'm a very healthy 32 year old male. Ive had a number of symptoms now for around weeks. I know it seems like a long wait to see a neuro / MRI but hang in there! . Just think of some people that have been in Limboland for many months of even years.