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How to tie a roman toga

Want to wear a Roman toga as a costume or for another reason? Make sure you wear it the right way! Roman togas were very specific when it came to fabric. Read below to learn numerous, no sew, ways to tie a toga. Optional: Roman- inspired or Greek-inspired brooches and jewelry. Optional: Cord, belt, or sash. A Roman toga is a simple outfit that provides an authentic look for a toga party or to cut the fabric into a semicircle shape to be able to wrap your toga correctly.

How to Wrap a Toga. Once the tuxedo of the Ancient Romans, the toga is now a favorite costume at many events, including fraternity, sorority or Halloween. How to wear the Chlamys, which was worn by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. Mela Bruxa . thefabulousmomo: How to wear a roman toga. Roman ~ How to wrap and wear a Roman toga. Himations: Mantle or wrap worn by ancient Greek men and women from the Archaic through the Hellenistic .

To truly be a Roman, you need to fully master the art of tying a toga. Luckily for you, we've sourced the instructions from expert Italians.