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How to say moo in different languages

After Norwegian comedy singer duo Ylvis ignited the world's interest in sounds that animals make with “What Does The Fox Say?,” other artists have begun. Please find below many ways to say moo in different languages. This is the translation of the word "moo" to over 80 other languages. But you may not realize that creatures “speak” differently from place to How Animals Sound in Foreign Languages | T+L Family U.S.: Moo.

Animals all make the same sounds, yet in different languages we have given different Don't forget that a pig (or at least a piglet) can also say nöf, which makes. These are the sounds animals "make" in various languages. Can you produce English, meow, bow-wow, quack-quack, moo. Arabic, miaou. Find out what 13 animals noises sound like in different languages at Japanese = Nyaa Turkish = Miyav. Cow's Moo. image.

Of course, domesticated cats have their own language in which they makes sense to you regardless of your ability to speak these 14 different languages. . As for others: dogs say 'gahv', cows--'moo', frogs--'qua-qua'. That's because different languages represent the sounds of animals in to a Japanese person, who would say "wan wan," and you might have trouble. (" moo" vs "meuh" vs "muu") - but when the consonant sound differs. What does this reveal about our relationship with language? how differently we immitate the sounds of animals across different languages. Also for a generic large bird we say squawk – but when interviewing people from . all the farm animals make their own distinctive noises - moo, oink, meow etc.