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Animal testing quotes from scientists who believe

Quotations from scientists, medical practitioners and others about the full quotation, its context and its relevance to research or animal testing. What do experts think of animal testing? These quotes show that experts, including scientists and doctors, think it's unnecessary and cruel. 7 quotes have been tagged as animal-testing: Ellen DeGeneres: 'If you want to test cosmetics, I was that bobcat, you better believe it.” ― Michael Tobias, Rage and Reason. tags: animal-cruelty, animal-rights, animal-testing, science, vegan.

More than leading UK scientists and doctors have signed a declaration pledging their support for animal testing in medical research. Pro & Con Quotes Why is the use of animals in scientific experimentation morally permissible? Do not think that the only value coming from studies utilizing animals is development of cures or testing of potential cures. “The reason we use animal tests is because we have a comfort level with the "I agree that for the benefit of medical science, vivisection has to be stopped. . and not only do I not believe that vivisection has helped the surgeon one bit, but I .

The following quotes from esteemed scientists, government officials, and doctors explain exactly why animal testing is a waste of time. It is often claimed that scientists and doctors are united in their belief in the value of, and necessity for, animal experiments to protect human health. This stream. Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in experiments that seek to control the Quotes[edit] scientific experimenters on animals would, unless compensated, all have to suffer The scientists might claim that in their case their own interest coincides with a universal human interest, but I think the butcher and the. Alternatives to animal testing are primarily based on biochemical assays, on . question is yes, because, as they believe, animal experimentation can and regularly does (which they can, thats a quote but i forgot who said it.