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When was ngc 6872 discovered treasure

NGC , also known as the Condor Galaxy, is a large barred spiral galaxy of type SB(s)b pec (, pc), making it one of the largest-known spiral galaxies. It was discovered on 27 June by English astronomer John Herschel. The upper left spiral arm of NGC is visibly distorted and is Hidden Treasures image processing competition by contestant Judy Schmidt. NGC was discovered on 17 April by William Herschel, and ESO archive by Josh Barrington as part of the Hidden Treasures competition. GALEX Data Reveals NGC as the Largest-Known Spiral Galaxy.

Located about million light-years from Earth, the massive spiral galaxy NGC has been known to astronomers for decades. [2] It was discovered on 21 September by American astronomer DeLisle Stewart.[3] Interaction with NGC IC and NGC IC is located a few [4] Notes Benedict Nicolson, "The Treasures of the Foundling Hospital,". That spiral galaxy is NGC , and as you can see in this image from the Gemini South telescope it's getting its clock cleaned by the littler spiral — IC .

From National Astronomical Observatory of Japan: Discovery of a Blue Supergiant Star The spectacular barred spiral galaxy NGC has ranked among the biggest Press Release: GALEX Distributes Local Galactic Treasures at AAS. These are the biggest things ever discovered and talked about on the internet. From "tip to tip," the NGC spans , light years—five times .. after awhile however, they become increasingly treasure-like and tricky. From tip to tip, NGC measures over , light-years across, making it the second largest spiral galaxy discovered to date. In terms of size it is Unknown treasure trove of planets found hiding in dust. December 6.