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How to spell goodbye in xhosa women

Xhosa. Theme 1: Greetings and Courtesies. Greetings. Hello! (to one person). Molo! Hello! (to more man and mama 'mother' for a woman. For greetings of The person leaving first should be the first to say goodbye. It would be impolite of . Discover how to say "goodbye" in every major African language, including official Some African countries have multiple official languages, with Zimbabwe boasting the . Woman preparing for a trip with a camera and notes. Ubuntu (humanity towards others) plays a prominent role in the African culture. parents' age), tata 'father' would be used for a man and mama 'mother' for a woman. When saying goodbye to one person you would say Hamba kakuhle (' Go.

A collection of useful phrases in Xhosa, a Bantu language spoken mainly in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Goodbye (Parting phrases), Hamba kakuhle (go well) - sg. Sala kakuhle (stay well) - sg Please say that again, Ndicela uphinde (sg) This lady will pay for everything, Eli nenekazi liza kubhatala yonke into. Easy Xhosa: Saying “Goodbye”. Here's the second post in SA Blog's series of click-free Xhosa lessons. Click free? Yes, and it has nothing to do with your mouse. Translates individual words from/to English or Xhosa. Pronunciation Hello. Molo. Hello (to more than 1). Molweni. How are you? Kunjani?.

Two traditional isiXhosa girls from the Transkei. Hello, how are you? If you are greeting more than one person, you will say “molweni”. Should an old lady ask you for a lift or something, to find out where they are headed. "Goodbye" in more than languages (Ethiopia) [to a man] Dehena wale Amharic (Ethiopia) [to a woman] Dehena waye Amharic (Ethiopia). Practice and learn isiXhosa phrases for conversation, playing a game of chess or going on a date. Find Xhosa language translation services.