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How to keep box braids ends straight

To keep this straight look make sure the braids dry in the straight .. I'm assuming the ends of your box braids are loose and the ends tapered?. This style gives you the ability to keep the ends out and not fully braided. You can wear the look straight, curly or wavy. Our advice to you is can do all three. Read on to see our top favorite box braids with loose ends styles. Braids. Beyoncé Has Box Braids And Fans Believe This Means New Musi Home · Hair · Braids. How to Keep Your Braids Fresh and Fierce Long braids and twists can become matted at the ends when worn for longer.

Box braids can give you the chic, bohemian look you've always wanted Make sure the sections are evenly parted, with a clear straight line at the This will help to keep the ends of your hair moist, reduce frizz, and make it. There's nothing I hate more than unraveling ends on box braids -- especially when they are long. While some people will just continuously.