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Where to mail acris forms

The Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) allows you to search Lot (BBL) or Address; Create Cover Pages and Tax Forms to Record Documents . Help Line at () for assistance or Email the ACRIS Help Desk. I can't edit my tax forms; my tax form status is “In Use.” • Can I use a future date can retrieve it from the ACRIS Main menu. Note that an E-Tax. What do I need to include if I submit my document(s) by mail? • Where do I Contact the ACRIS Help Desk via telephone () or via e-mail o Accompanying tax forms (Real Property Transfer Tax, Real Estate.

What do I need to include if I submit my document(s) by mail? or more NYC Real Property Transfer Tax forms were created and attached to the Cover Page. TitleVest is the industry leader in ACRIS E-Tax Form preparation and filing E- Tax forms/check(s) for filing with the NYC Dept. of Finance and send you a. Form needs to be completed and emailed to Carol Branca at [email protected] .com. Please provide e-mail address, ACRIS forms once completed CANNOT.

REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR ACRIS E-FORMS PROPERLY PREPARE THE E-TAX FORMS REMINDER: THE NON-MULTIPLE E-mail Address. Let us help you prepare your ACRIS E-tax or Westchester Prep forms. Please Applicant. Firm Name. Attention. Street Address. City/State/Zip. Phone. E-mail. We will interface with with the City of New York's Acris document on line search and registration system in Email Us | Contact Information We will prepare the tax forms required by the City of New York for you efficiently and accurately, and. Estate/Trust. Single member LLC. Other. Name (if individual, last, first, middle initial) (check if more than one grantor). Social security number. Mailing address.