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Where is khalims flail in diablo 2

For items of the same name, see Khalim's Will (item) and The Que-Hegan's Will. Khalim's Will (Quest) is Diablo II and Lord of Destruction quests. Diablo II icon. Khalim's Flail is a quest item that is used for making Khalim's Will, and it is related to the quest of the same name. The flail can be used Diablo II Unique Maces. Khalim's Will is the third quest in Act III. It's initiated after players complete The Golden Bird (quest) and talk to Deckard Cain, or when players.

I just assembled Khalim's flail and smashed the compelling orb. Now I find myself wanting it back so I can start a new character with the flail as. This is the most complicated quest in the game, requiring four components to transmute into "Khalim's Will", a special flail weapon that is used only one time. After the mule has left the game with the extra flails, smash the orb with one But , a character who has completed the Khalim's Will quest in a.

I guess the question here really is can you have any duplicate quest items equipped on the same character, but Khalim's Will is my favorite.