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What do organization xiii think of you

Wanna know what the organization XIII members think of you?. no lexaeus included though.. he doesnt say much Marluxia just told you that you shouldn't trust Xemnas Luxord wants you to play poker with him, when you agree, he tells you its strip poker whats your reaction?. Life in the organization can be tough, depending on who you are Take this quiz! What did you pack to take to the Castle That Never Was? What would be the.

And if you get the best one (Welcome To Organization XIII) don't think I'm being rude because if you know the characters there are some that don't like ANYONE. Anyway! Welcome all to the Organization quiz. In this trial, you will be tested to see if you are truly Organization material. Are you fit to eradicate. Zexions mine but i will make an acception this time I worked so freakin long on this! Please comment!.

Your boyfriend, weapon, friend, number in organization 13 and roommate. Secretly loves you Xigbar:"I like her!" Xaldin: Doesn't talk to you much. Vexen: Thinks you'd make a goo What does Organization XIII think of. hi! im gonna give a quiz i got from i just wanna see the results you girls get! please dont be sad if the members say something bad. okay, we'll start with the organization in general who desined the orginal members What does he use as a weapon(s)? Zexion: i think you mean, " jumped.