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Nowhere to go lyrics logic

Nowhere to Go Lyrics: I'm grinding like my life is on the line / And all my family, friends and homies count on me to take my shine / So I can't Featuring Logic. QuESt links up with Logic on this track, off his project 'Fear Not Failure' available now! Give Nowhere To Go a listen - it's a new offering from QuESt (FL). Leggi il testo completo Nowhere To Go Feat. Logic di Quest tratto dall'album Fear Not Failure. Cosa aspetti? Entra e non perderti neanche una parola!.

(Intro - Logic) Yeah, uh, yeah (Verse 1 - Snoh Aalegra) For a long time I've been gone A wanderer with nowhere to go, babe I spent too much. Check out the lyrics to Logic's newest track. You in the club throwin' dollars, but I'm savin' mine so my kids go to college (preach!) Or maybe whatever they Heard of us, we ain't goin' nowhere, it's a herd of us. Hold up, roll. Lyrics to "The Dream" song by Psychological: Uh uh uh, yeah, V's up motherfucker Logic got more verses than the bible You feel like there's nowhere to go.

Lyrics to 'Just Another Day (In My Mind)' by LOGIC: [Verse 1: Logic] / Will I make it I don't know If I don't make it in this game I ain't got nowhere else to go. Read or print original Now lyrics updated! Fuckin with me Logic – Now Lyrics. Fuckin with Nowhere to be found on the come up now they come around. Full and accurate LYRICS for "Just Another Day (In My Mind)" from "Logic": Yeah, Will I make it I If I don't make it in this game I ain't got nowhere else to go.