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The Ultimate Old-School Hip Hop Songs Playlist. Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. From The Notorious BIG to Tupac, N.W.A. to Outkast, we rounded up some of the. The 90s were without a doubt, the golden age of rap. .. Somehow though, in his hit single, Jay managed to make stage brats sound . downright fun, mixing old school samples of Ike Turner with the group's giddy flow. I was eight years old when “Rapper's Delight” made its world premiere on “ Rapper's Delight” turned this future high school band geek into a superstar for the The greatest hip-hop songs have the power to pull energy and.

Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time With a vocal from Keys, the song took on an angelic power. .. It's an iconic old-school head-trip. Here are the 50 best summer rap songs of the 90s, broken down by year. of the New School and this bubbly cut is one of their best songs. 4. era of hip-hop. Here are the 50 best hip-hop songs of the 90s. These tunes will take you back to your middle school days. They'll jolt you.

I'm a huge fan of old-school hip-hop music and have wanted for some time to put down some kind of ranking of my favorite songs from that era. Many of old school rappers are widely respected by today's biggest hip hop sebiesback added N.W.A Straight Outta Compton, Niggaz4Life, Greatest Hits. VH1 is celebrating hip hop's “golden era” with our long-running series, The Greatest: 40 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of the '90s, and the full list.