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How to make lentil veggie burgers

Get Vegan Lentil Burgers Recipe from Food Network. Vegan Lentil Burgers . My husband was going to grill burgers, so I stared to search for a veggie burger recipe Make it a Shepard's Pie if not coming together. We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite fast food vegan places, Nature's Express, and I ordered a lentil burger that was so good, it was gone.

"Easy lentil veggie burger adapted from SILVERWOLF's 'Butter Bean Burgers.' Additional vegetables may be added, as well as extra spices to enhance the. It takes only four ingredients to make my new Vegan Lentil Burger patty. It's a perfect vegan recipe with my creamy Mustard Sauce with Maple. Gluten-free and vegetarian lentil burgers topped with a spicy, herbed avocado sauce. This easy veggie burger recipe can be made in a food.

Scared to try a veggie burger? This one will make you a believer. Packed with lentils and healthy veggies, we promise you will never even miss the meat. This vegan Easy Lentil Veggie Burgers recipe is one of the best veggie burgers recipes I've found. The burgers are packed with fiber, protein, and flavor; enjoy. Make homemade veggie burgers in a snap with precooked lentils. We like the black beluga variety from Archer Farms, with no added salt.