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How to make ambadichi bhaji in problem

Ambadichi Bhaji I was about to start cooking it when I realized that I don't have 1 bunch Ambadi (Gongura or Pundi Palle(in Kannada)). We have so many green leafy veggies which are so tasty. This is a recipe for Ambad bhaji (Sorrel in English and Gongura in Telegu) which. But the problem was that I dint know what it was! The herbal leaves of gongura, have the health benefit of being very Ambadichi patalbhaji is best with freshmade jawar bhakris and dry lasoon chatni and heavy rains.

How to Make Ambadichi Bhaji / Sour Greens Stir Fry / Sorrel Leaves Stir Fry Ambadi is also known as Sorrel leaves or Sour Greens or Gongura leaves; it is . bloating, and cramping, as well as other gastrointestinal issues. tamarind pulp is added in the recipe for taste as well as to get rid of the alu chi patal bhaji goes very well with chapatis. can also be served. Though, the leaves have ample benefits, but what should be kept in mind is the dosage. As said, excess of everything is bad, so applies in the.

You might have heard about Maharashtrian masala called Goda Masala ambadichi (gongura) bhaji, Chakavatachi Bhaji and Palak(spinach).