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17 Dec Resistor and its types. 1. 1. WHAT IS RESISTOR? 2. TYPES OF RESISTOR. 3. CONNECTION OF RESISTOR. 4. RESISTOR COLOUR CODE 5. 17 Apr As resistors are used in wide applications there values like power rating, R value, tolerance etc vary. Resistors of resistance value ranging from.1ohms to many mega ohms are Office PowerPoint Essential Training. Resistors can be either fixed or variable in value; Fixed resistors come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and forms; Axial lead resistors have the value of .

Resistors. Topics Covered in Chapter 2. Types of Resistors. Resistor Color Coding. Variable Resistors. Rheostats and Potentiometers. Variable resistors are called potentiometers There is a fixed value of resistance between two terminals The moving part of the potentiometer is called the wiper. A resistor is a linear device (unlike some other circuit components that are not Fixed resistors are designed to have a nearly constant amount of resistance.

Manufacturers typically use a color band system known as the resistor color code ; Within this power point, you will learn how to identify the nominal resistance. .yes, the humble resistor! and that goes for the coolest mobile phone around or any other device. Of course mobiles, laptops etc. don't just use resistors. Resistors are color coded for easy reading. To determine the value of a given resistor look for the gold or silver tolerance band and hold the resistor with this. List the major types of fixed resistors. Determine the resistance of a resistor using the color code. Discuss how exceeding its power rating can cause damage to a. What is a resistor? Why use resistors? Resistor codes Resistor tolerances How is it measured? Resistance in Series – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation.


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