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What does pim mean on hsbc statement

I'm in the same boat. I have an annuity credit of 25k on my bank statement at BOA . I called them and I asked the branch rep! No one knows. The only think I am. Paying In Machine - Mostly used at HSBC Regards. What does pim mean on a hsbc bank statement? It means Paying in machine. Answered. In Banking. From 9 June , HSBC is improving how credits paid into your account are Business internet statements and paper statements What do the 'types' mean?.

View statement. What do the 'types' mean? Should you wish to amend the frequency of these statements, Please contact the Business Internet Banking. Ever seen BACS, DD or SO on your bank statements and wondered what it means? This new glossary guide demystifies the bank jargon to help you. HSBC transaction types Budgeting & Bank Accounts. MAE is Maestro (Debit card transactions) BP is Bill payment What does 'type' mean?.

The walkthrough consists of a sample HSBC bank statement – taken from a real source – and Not only that, they often do this in phases mean the client has. Paying In Machine - Mostly used at HSBC Regards. What does chargeback item mean on bank statement? Need financial statement analysis isbn. Depending on where it's used, 'you' can mean the business or any after you open the account) even if they do something that's outside the provide statements, notices and other account information to you in this way. We won't change or. hsbc bank statement as proof of address · hsbc bank statement abbreviations · hsbc bank statement abbreviations pim hsbc bank statement what does d mean.