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What does estas en lo cierto mean

Translate Estas cierto. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. ¿Es cierto que tu amiga se vaya a divorciar?Is it true that your friend is getting divorced? 2. (sure). a. certain. No voy a decir que los gatos son mejor que los. Is 'Estoy cierto' used to mean 'I'm sure'? If so, where is it used? Thanks!.

"Ser cierto" is a bit more formal way for "ser verdad" but they are Strictly speaking, there is a difference: "es cierto" means that something is. Item (3d) also permits options: the speaker can either equate the noun with the place meaning" according to the copula:" es/esta alto 'is tall/high' es/esta bueno 'is good/well' es/esta callado 'is taciturn/quiet' es/esta cierto 'is true/ assured'. 1n the same context, no es cierto/verdad. no estar de acuerdo. estar equivocado, are slightly stronger, although less What do you mean l didn't doit! we use expressions like the following: $esta usted/estas de acuerdo? do you agree?.

Por cierto, ¿no estás descargando música ilegalmente? (By the way, are Note that por cierto does not mean "certainly," as you might expect. What does mean? Asking about and I can'ttake this anymore. Expressing belief Es cierto/verdad. Estás equivocado(a). You're wrong. Tengo mis dudas. Technically es cierto = "it is true" versus es la verdad = "it is the truth". In practice "Es verdad" is used as "es verdadero" or "es cierto" meaning "it is true".