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How to create rough wind ragnarok database

Effect, Allows character to refine 10 Green Live/Wind of Verdure/Red Blood/ Crystal Blue/Star Dust into 1 Great Nature/Rough Wind/Flame Heart/Mystic. Farming the wind of Verdures to convert into rough winds? Killing sleepers for great natures to exchange for Rough winds? 12 Great natures for. Lv, Monster, Rate, Highest Spawn, Element, 95% Flee, % Hit. , Watcher, %, Prontera Underground Prison, Wind 1, , , Gryphon, %.

Effect. Enables to create elemental stones by consuming a Mini Furnace and 10 elemental ores. Rough Wind. png, 10 Wind of Verdure. Note: Turning elemental stones into Rough Wind is more expensive. It will cost 12 Elemental Stones. 12 Great Nature for 1 Rough Wind. See Also Flame Heart Mystic Frozen Great Nature External Links iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database Rough Wind The item's info window. Info Type .

# Rough Wind. Rough Wind. A pale green, Lightning Bolt shaped stone imbued with the Wind attribute. _. Misc.: Forging material. Weight: (maximum target =3) – For each refinement level, wind damage +5%. Smith Weapon Lv1, Elemental Alloy, 50 Rough Wind, Steel. rough wind - I think it is also too expensive to break it down for endows (sqi item), so I will go for WoV instead - grand peco.. (plus I collect these.