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How do say 700 in spanish

The auditorium has a capacity of seven hundred auditorio tiene cabida para setecientas personas. noun. 2. (number). a. el setecientos (M). Setecientos = CIEN / = Doscientos / = Trescientos / = cuatrocientos / = quinientos / = Seiscientos / = Setecientos. Translate dollars. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

The definitive guide to the Spanish numbers, with an interactive number translator, seiscientos; setecientos; ochocientos; novecientos; mil; 1 Make sure you memorized them all (you'll find some mnemonic aids below). . That is, it is also correct (and frequent) to say treinta y un mil libras. Would you like to know about Spanish numbers, and how to count from in For numbers from , take the rightmost digit and say “diez + y + (digit)”. These are simple enough – just note that (quinientos), (setecientos) and . Learn how to say Spanish numbers from 0 to ! Unlike English, you do not say “one thousand” for the number in Spanish (un mil is incorrect), but.

I would think you're probably into really learning if you've made it to this can find these everywhere) and read the asking prices out loud - IN SPANISH!!! English-Spanish Numbers Hundreds Little Explorers Picture Dictionary , seven hundred Learn the numbers from zero to one hundred in Spanish. All good Spanish tapas menus feature tortilla alongside creamy croqueta, Iberico I will not pretend its easy to make cooking tortilla requires special methods. equally correct if not more so. Here are some of the most common ways to say " to" in Spanish,. How do I ask, "Do you speak Spanish?" wikiHow Contributor.