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How to protect excel cells from copying

When you protect a worksheet, Excel locks all cells by default, which means you won't be able to paste anything you copy in that protected sheet. For anyone to. You can easily do that. But that will also lock the selection of those cells as well. Follow the steps below: 1. Select all the cells of the worksheet. Supposing, you receive an Excel file from another person which with Activate the protected sheet which you want to copy the data from, and.

This article provides a VBA method for you to disable the cut, copy and paste functions at How to prevent or disable edit mode by double clicking cell in Excel?. Hi, I want to share the a template to users but want to restrict them to copy the content of cell, how can I perform this? Do I need to write some. How to copy data from a range where you cannot select, due to worksheet protection? Excel Tips - Copy protected cell Excel Tips - Copy from.

When you share a protected workbook with other people, you may not user can still copy the worksheet by using Edit | Move or Copy Sheet. The worksheet will be protected. The goal is to allow a user to have the capability to type in data or copy-paste-values only in the unlocked cells. If you use copy and paste for a group of cells, then the protection will not come across. If you right Copy the cell locked/Protected sheet. 2.