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How to install sks 20 mudguards

Before mounting the endcap, guide the stays through the bridge and eyebolt. Bolt the front mudguard shackle with the enclosed screw to the brake bolt (pic. Mudguard set, 35, 42, 45, 53, 60 and 65 mm with fixed bridges, 3 mm stainless steel stays, front angle, sliding bridges, fixed bridges, ASR joint. BLUEMELS MATT 35 · BLUEMELS REFL. 45 SILVER · BLUEMELS REFL. 45 BLACK · BLUEMELS 20 ZOLL · BLUEMELS 24 ZOLL · BLUEMELS KABELKANAL.

Read our very handy guide on how to fit SKS mudguards onto your bike to avoid a very muddy back at the end of a ride! Find out more on the. Note that the fenders SKS makes as standard equipment on some however, the much smaller 20″ ( mm) wheel diameter they are made for Fortunately for Hyro, his fork and frame fit the Bluemels snugly and nicely. These mudguards will keep you and your bike dry and clean even if you're Adjustable stainless steel stays; Stainless steel mounting hardware included.